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Petitions for Special Administration in Arizona

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Trustees, executors, conservators and other fiduciaries are selected to protect the rights of beneficiaries, heirs, wards and other parties. But what can you do when you believe the chosen fiduciary is a poor choice? And who can help when you wish to have a fiduciary replaced with someone who may be able to more knowledgeable, competently or honestly carry out the fiduciary duties?

At Gorman & Jones, PLC, with offices throughout the Phoenix, Arizona area, firm attorneys Andrew P. Gorman and Matthew Mark Jones are skilled in preparing and presenting petitions for special administration. “Special administration” refers to the process for having a fiduciary replaced with the help of the court. Do you wish to pursue the replacement of a:

Our attorneys are highly knowledgeable regarding all aspects of special administration law. It is difficult to have yourself appointed in place of a fiduciary you are not happy with. Another option is to pursue the appointment of a:

  • Professional fiduciary
  • A court-appointed special administrator/attorney

We can meet with you to explain your options, then gather evidence to support your petition and present it to the court.

Helping You After a New Fiduciary Is Appointed

We can also help you resolve issues resulting from fiduciary incompetence. Estates and trusts can be highly complicated. We can work with forensic accountants and other experts to trace assets and uncover irregularities and illegalities.

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